Trine Skei Grande sex-skandale

For ten years it has been a secret, but then a scandal internet-magazine reveals the shocking facts: A well known female political leader had sex with a teenage boy in an oat field during a politician couple´s farm-wedding. Now her colleges require she must apologize for her actions, but the lady refuses and the boy and the wedding guests are furious. «I did not do anything wrong,» she claims in the article following the photo below.

It is almost like in a movie: The older lady, a well known political leader, has secret sex with a much younger guy  in an oat field up north in Norway during a wedding where his relative – a well known politician from an opponent political party gets married. You can see part of the field in the background in the photo below, showing the bride and the groom, The Center party vice president Ola Borten Moe and his wife Anna Ceselie Brustad Moe, also Center party-politician.

Faximile from Photo: Glen Musk

 After 10 years the news explodes in media. The wedding guests, the political leaders and the press have known for years, but decided to hush the story down. In fact nothing illegal happened, it was awkward, but it was voluntary sex and the boy was 17, and over the legal age.

The guy suffered psychologically

Now a scandalous conservative website decides to reveal the long hidden sex story: They talk to the guy´s family and friends who were present at the party on the farm that night, and they write the story anonymously, mentioning that the boy has suffered psycologically after the incident: His father tells his son cried after the sex in the field and his friends bullied him about it afterwards.

Trine Skei Grande, which is the name of the lady having sex with the young, innocent farm-guy, is at this time leader of the party LEFT and about to become minister of Culture. It is a very bad time for her to face this old sex scandal story, and the magazine editor who supports the conservative party FrP, knows that.

The boy and his family refuse to do an interwiew with the internet magazine, they do not want any attention. Still the conservative editor continues writing more details every day and make a big pressure on Trine to make her stand forward.

In Norway we are not used to press printing private storys like this – and for a long time the decent press is reluctant, they will not write about it. After some time, Trine feels so pressured that she decides to speak to Aftenposten, which is one of Norways biggest and most respected newspapers.

Here, she does not tell the details, but simply says she is a common girl who grew up in the countryside, went to parties like everybody else and that she might have done some stupid things in her life – but she is not an abuser. There is a lot of gossip around, and some of it says that she practically raped a guy with Downs syndrom. She wants to say this is not true.

«This comment that she is not an abuser, she might have regretted ever since.»

The guy feels betrayed

Because now the guy feels that she is blaming HIM for the act! They had an agreement not to talk about it, and he feels betrayed. The editor of the scandalous web magazine confronts him with rumours saying that Trine and politicians working for her has said he is a simple guy from the countryside not to be trusted. This makes him angry. In a phone call with Trine, he asks Trine what her story is if she is asked what happened. According to the guy her answer is that they went for a walk and he took her behind a house and jumped on her.

This is not how the guy remembers this night at all. He is shocked. When VG, one of Norways biggest controversial newspapers, calls him, he decides to talk: He says that he wishes Trine luck with her position as minister of Culture, but now he feels like an abuser and it is not true! He tells VG what happened was they went for a walk on the field, laid down and had voluntary sex. He says the prime minister can call him and get the facts is she wants.


Most of the people are now all on the guy´s side; they feel sorry for him and want Trine to apologize to him and say that she is responsible for the act – she was 38 at the time, the guy only 17! 

She has to feel the shame and be punished for it – just like men had to do

All of a sudden, Trine is the badass – people say she deliberately lied to protect herself and this poor guy is abused even though he said is was voluntary. With all the MeToo-stories where men were hunted down – now it´s about time a woman has to feel the shame!  Witnessing guests at the wedding claim SHE was the active part – not him.

Trine and her boss left in the photo, the prime minister Erna Solberg – refuse to apologize, they will not talk about the incident anymore. This makes everything worse and the story escalates. The boy, who earlier had no disagreement with Trine and his friend both write a letter to the prime minister telling that they feel badly treated: They feel the guy has been dishonored for false reasons.

The groom supports his relative, the young boy

After two months the groom who is Trines political opponent, Borten Moe, who nobody mentioned or remembered for years, decides to talk: He writes on Facebook – just in the same minute minister Trine is attending a highly important conference with her party –  that he is furious with Trines behaviour. He says his relative, the young guy of 17 who now turned 26, is to be trusted, and that it is terrible that Trine tries to blame him for the sex. He is also furious about – what he has heard in the political corridors – that Trine and her political advisers have lied about the guy, telling he is a weak and underintelligent farm guy who is out of work and was bullied in school. This he claims they have done to protect Trines political career and to prove nothing happened in the field that night, ten years ago. Trine and her colleagues on the other hand claim they wanted to protect the boy!

The guy that was described as a loser out of work, apparently with Downs Syndrome or likewise, dependent of an personal assistant,  is today an engineer and has a leading position in a good company.

This is 10 years later – and he can of course have had weaknesses as a teenager. Still, this does not seem like a guy that is simple and has to be protected from himself. On the other hand, we dont know if Trine said these things about him – she is not at all the type to put other people down, she is maybe a bit naive and cowardly, but not at all manipulative or evil. The guy is more likely sat up by other more speculative people.

Woman working for a child care office makes a complaint

The story is not over: A wedding guest, an older conservative spinster, Gro Spieler, working for a child care office claims to be deeply offended, and she writes a complaint to the prime minister saying that she and Trine has to apologize for their bad behaviour, and for treating this case so poorly. It appears that five years ago she also wrote a letter to Trine demanding her to apologize to the whole wedding party, but Trine refused  – she did not feel she had done anything wrong.

«And maybe she is not to blame? Actually she is a kind woman suffering  from diabetes and severe asthma, is highly overweight, lives alone and deserves some sex. Also, it is more likely that the guy was horny and came on to her rather that she abused him openly.»

This weekend, minister of Culture, Trine, was elected again as a leader for her party LEFT, and she begged her party to treat the sex scandal as a private story. But now her colleague Abid Raja (in photo over) stands forward, saying Trines story now has become such a big burden for the whole party that she has to tell all the sex details to the press so they can go on with doing politics.

What details does he want? She and the boy apparently do not agreee about what happened in the field 10 years ago and who seduced – or jumped on –  who.

How is this scandalous, shameful  story going to end? Does Trine have to end her career as a minister and political leader for people and political opponents to calm down – or does she simply just have to say:

«I am sorry, I am to blame for this whole mess and the guy is no abuser; just a young lad I should have been wise enough to reject late at night in that wedding party where we both drank too much alcohol.»

What do you suggest?


Afterword: After a long discussion with my skilled FB-friends it turns out corn field is not the right expression here as it is most likely oat they are growing in this now so well known field.

«Havren, den har bjeller på,» an experienced lawyer, reminds me. In Norwegian havre means oat and in the song they say the oat wear «bells», which can have more than one meaning.

This is a popular  old folk song in Norway and Denmark. Enjoy it on YouTube here.

Be careful with your actions in the fields, though, there might be people watching – and if you get a new position or something, they might not act like your friends anymore… Just saying. Ciao. 🙂

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