Coronavirus: Quarantine day 10. How to be creative with toilet paper! 3 crazy tips

#coronavirus #karantene Yesterday I was calm. I attended a live dance workout. Today I feel crazy creative. I am  restless. I you see me walking around with toilet paper rolls, a chili in my mouth or with a silver shiny cycling outfit (without cycling) it is because I need it to feel stable. And I want to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and these depressing thoughts. See amazing photos in this blog now.

  1. Challenge: Have fun with toilet paper. Seriously, how fun can it be to play with your toilet paper rolls? This is my reaction of Norwegians going out of their minds to buy and store paper rolls for months and months to come because of the corona crisis.  So here is the new sport! Have fun with your toilet paper! We now have a lot of it! You too?? So be creative wit it. Pose with it, dance with it, count how many rolls you have, build a toilet tower, make art with it. Write angry messages to the government on it. Write love letters on it. Send me a photo of yourself with the toilet paper. Tell me how many rolls you have ?! Have a good day and take care. The blouse and hairband is from H&M. 

2. Try out chili: Try out some new spicy vegetables – like chili! It looks good and tastes strong. Maybe this is what we need to get rid of the virus. Experts like Dr. Fedon Lindberg, says chili is extremely healthy for your immune system. (This hat is from Urban Outfitters and the green dress from Be Young.)

Burning, strong is good for you

Chili contains vitamin A, B and C and is the most used spice in the whole world. Chili is in the same family as pepper, but contains 30 percent more of capsaicin than pepper. That gives you a burning taste in your mouth. And probably that is healthy for you. – according to several studies.

4 reasons to eat more chili

  1. If your food contains chili, you eat less because the taste is strong.
  2. Chili is good for your heart. It can have a positive affect on your blood sugar.
  3. Chili is full of vitamin C which can reduce your age.
  4. If you eat spicy food 6-7 days a week you have 14 less percent chance to die from cancer, hart diseases and respiratory diseases, and early death in general. According to an ecological study you have also less risk to get cancer.

Gie me your good recipes using chili! Send me a message. 🙂

Read more about why it is wise to eat chili here. 

Try out some recipes with chili here. Inspiration from Istanbul.

3. Show off your favorite clothes. And then to my outfits. This is a genius time to be a model and influencer showing off your favorite clothes! At the same time you can clean up your wardrobe. You can also buy nice stuff online. There are a lot good internet sales going on, and you can get it delivered right home so you dont risk couching at somebody in the post office line.  I really liked this shiny silver cycling outfit and didn’t hesitate to buy it. It is from H&M youth collection and makes me stay young. Also I like wearing it when I blowdry my hair in the bathroom. This last tips is actually from Sex Education on Netflix. A girl is trying to figure out what kind of things that really turns her on as she pretending coming with all previous boy friends. There is also an interesting mum in this series working as a Sex Therapist. 😉

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